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Your expert for high-tech & B2B –
Communication. Marketing. Sales.

Raum für Technik is passionate about technology companies and products that need explaining. From market positioning to product communication to sales, it’s all about target group-centric, efficient communication – and about customer benefit. As a sparring partner we offer you a network of experts with many years of experience in globally operating technical companies. Contact us.

Market positioning

Whether you want to position your company, a product or a service on the market, our focus is always on the benefit for your customers, clear differentiation from the competition and compelling communication.

We shape your profile with a customer benefit focus.

Product communication

Communicating complex products takes an understanding of the subject matter and the ability to condense them to the essentials. The right interplay of market message, target group, communication tool and channel is key.

We market your product and put everything into place.

Management communication

A world driven by media requires more and more professional management communication. Whether for movie or press conference, speech or presentation, content and performance go hand in hand. Story and body language belong together.

We work on your storyline and appearance, for a perfect performance.

Internal communication

Competition for the best minds is in full swing. Employees are the most important asset for companies. To retain staff, motivating internal communication is needed.

We work on the motivation of your team, based on information and dialogue.

Change communication

Whether digitalization, internationalization or restructuring – only a sound strategy combined with target-oriented communication can create a positive and growth-inducing culture. That’s how to make change successful.

We work to build a unique change culture for the growth of your company.

Sales support

Growth and market penetration require a very good sales strategy and a highly motivated and trained sales team, building on a foundation of consistent market messages.

We structure your sales department and train your team for successful growth.



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