Management communication

Communicate professionally –
convince and inspire.

A media-soaked society and self-confident employees mean constantly rising expectations for management communication. Whether in appearance (language, body language, storyline, addressing the audience, etc.) or medium (speech, presentation, e-mail, film or personal conversation), professionalism is required. This demands self-confidence and a sound self-image, along with a good storyline that focuses on the addressees and the goals to be achieved (the core messages must fit).

To make your performance even more professional, we offer you:

  • Communication consulting & strategic coaching (on an individual level, if required also via Skype or other online tools)
  • Storylines and speeches in German and English for presentations, films, conferences etc.
  • Execution of film projects specially tailored to top management and executives (from the first meeting to film production)
  • Media training (from a short radio interview to the participation in a panel discussion)
  • Conception & implementation of a corporate TV channel

Our aspiration:
Discreet. Individual. Professional. We want to understand you as a client at a very personal level and develop tailor-made concepts for your individual communication. We make use of various methods and approaches, including brain research, psychology and modern communication research.

Your benefit:
More than 20 years of experience in personal consulting and coaching of executives in politics and business. We know the communication from the ground up.