Market positioning

Correct positioning
is half the battle.

Market introduction and penetration require a clear positioning of product, company and service. Whether start-up or established company, customer benefit and competitive differentiation are the keys to success. Especially in B2B, it’s important to really understand company and corporate goals. This is exactly where we can help. The more technical and deeper it gets, the better we are.

For a clear positioning, we offer you:

  • Shaping of product or company positioning, identification of customer benefits (USPs), customer segments and competitive differentiation
  • Marketing, communication and sales strategy: Definition of strategic and sales targets, sales regions and market messages
  • Strategic workshops to identify core competencies and implications for services and products (e.g. with a view to digitalization or after mergers)
  • Definition of marketing, communication and sales channels, preparation of a roadmap for the coming years, training of the sales team

We make use of various methods and approaches. These include the business model canvas, design-thinking approaches and thinking models by Stephen Covey.

Our aspiration:
Straightforward. Efficient. Down-to-earth. Our primary goal is to understand your company and product very well, including the market environment, so that we can conquer the market together with you.

Your benefit:
Great market and benchmark know-how, as well as many years of experience in worldwide market launches and positioning of explanation-heavy products.