More efficiency in teams

The important trumps the urgent.
Performance improvements in the team.

Who hasn’t been there – a meeting is scheduled, but no one has agenda items. During the meeting, people read their e-mails and there is no sign of active discussion. Inefficiency is evident in many areas within the company itself. The communication culture is not very strong in terms of transparency or performance.

All these are signs of misguided priorities and a poor understanding of time management. We offer tools to remove these roadblocks, bring more efficiency into your company and make teams more fun and dynamic.

Training content:

  • Your meeting culture put to the test
  • Agenda setting and its importance
  • Role assignments in the team
  • Responsibilities of team leaders
  • What is important and what is urgent
  • Escaping the treadmill
  • Turning individuals into teams
  • Time management at a high level
  • Getting an agile corporate culture

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