What clients say about us

»As a specialist in a hotly contested field, we know how important a distinct market positioning is. ENDEGS was the first to make the mobile degassing of tanks, pipelines and other gas containers possible. I myself developed the world’s first fully equipped, trailer-mounted, autonomously operating incinerator. And this is exactly what we have to communicate to the market and to customers. We need to give Sales a clear direction. All this has to take place in the context of our positioning in the market, and Raum für Technik is a very important resource for us in that effort.«

Kai Sievers,

»How do you conjure a smile to the faces of software developers and technical specialists when they hear the word “sales”? Adriana can, as she has once again demonstrated. What’s her secret? It’s simple, but uncommon. She listens well, and provides a programme tailored to individual participants – on the spur of the moment if necessary, and always hands-on.«

Dr. Matthias Besch, Business Area Lead,
metafinanz Informationssyteme GmbH

»The media coaching that Ms Olivotti did for us in late 2018 was a complete success, in terms of content, teaching style and personality. Her individual suggestions were on target and trainees could readily implement them, leading quickly to visible success.«

Peter Summo,
Department Head,

»I value Raum für Technik as an expert sparring partner, who always contributes thoughts and ideas on how together we can turn plans into effective marketing activities.«

Ann-Christin Meier,
Marketing Manager
Capol GmbH

»Raum für Technik has been assisting THEVA for more than six years. Our high-tech superconductors need to be explained in many ways, so the communication requires a high degree of understanding of the product and the market. We found this in Raum für Technik. From them we get everything we need for marketing and communication, up to and including press work and help with political communication – strategic, reliable and fast.«

Dr Werner Prusseit, CEO

»We are a life science company in the field of biomolecule analysis. To achieve our goals, we need partners who are prepared to take a technically in-depth approach without losing the strategic big picture. We found exactly that with Raum für Technik. Whether positioning our company or training our international sales team, The RfT team supports us professionally and effectively so that we have high output at all levels – including suitable creative approaches.«

Dr. Stefan Duhr, CEO
NanoTemper Technologies GmbH

»Ms Olivotti has helped us successfully on many occasions with change processes and team positioning. This has not only been a valuable contribution to self-reflection and strategic development, it is always a pleasure to work with.«

Prof. Dr. Rolf Hellinger, Head of Technology and Predevelopment Power
Electronics Siemens AG

»’Learning by doing from the first to the last minute’ would have been an appropriate name for the technical sales training. At ViscoTec (pump and metering technology) we have technically innovative products, and it is not always easy to find the right lever for the conservative pharmaceutical market. Despite the colourful mix of participants, Adriana Olivotti always found time address participants’ questions individually, and gave valuable tips which could then be immediately implemented in roleplays and training sessions. The personal feedback, in which one can reflect on one’s own strengths and weaknesses, was also very helpful. In summary, likeable, creative, informative – I would gladly do it again.«

Sebastian Gerauer, Manager Business Unit Pharma
ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

»With a very professional marketing campaign for the worldwide market launch of a new product line, Ms Olivotti has set a new standard at Rohde & Schwarz. And it wasn’t just the customers she looked at. From the very beginning, the focus was also on success analysis.«

Manfred Fleischmann, formerly
CEO Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

»We invited Raum für Technik in to present for a new corporate campaign and trade show outfit – bullseye both times. Unusual ideas and fast, uncomplicated execution. You don’t find that very often! A great team and trustworthy collaboration.«

Dagmar Heisler, Manager
Trade Fairs & Exhibitions
Wacker Chemie AG

»What I liked from the very beginning, and in all functions in which I experienced Ms Olivotti, was her absolute identification with the topic, her enthusiasm and her personal commitment – ‘with body and soul’ so to speak. She is not a slick consultant who shows up with a package of prefabricated slides and commonplaces. She deals individually with the topics and problems, she motivates, accompanies and wants success – as if it were for her own company.”«

Armin Geiss, formerly
Personnel Director, E.ON Ruhrgas AG

»Mektec develops and produces flexible printed circuit boards. The product-specific combination of electrical and mechanical functions is of immense advantage, but not obvious at first glance. In working with Raum für Technik, we were particularly gratified that the team quickly grasped the product characteristics and translated them into coherent USPs. From our point of view, the combination of technical understanding and expert advertising implementation distinguishes Raum für Technik from other agencies. Annoying, multiple iteration loops were completely eliminated and enabled fast execution of the concepts developed«

Harald Schenk, Director Application & Development
Mektec Europe GmbH

»The sales training exceeded my expectations. I was able to implement some of the practical tips immediately. The most important thing, however, is that the training has changed my overall view of sales and the way I communicate with customers. It couldn’t be better! So I can recommend Adriana Olivotti as a trainer without reservations. The contents and the teaching concept were absolutely on target.«

Markus Sabin, Dipl. Inform. (FH)
Department IT/Medical Solutions

»The IHK seminar with Adriana Olivotti was very helpful for me, as the most important core components of technical sales were addressed in a small group. Personal feedback, much practice, and a friendly and positive atmosphere made the seminar a complete success. Recommended at all times!«

Michael Brandl, Senior R&D Engineer and technical Sales Germany/
DACH Algoryx ‎Simulation AB

»A sales seminar that gets good results has to consider the sellers’ mindset, the company behind them, and the specific needs involved. Ms Olivotti not only addressed questions in detail, she designed the second seminar day entirely around the particulars of the group. Add to that a good feel for when breaks are needed, carefully coordinated media changes, and roleplay that encourages self-reflection, and this was a seminar that I can absolutely recommend.«

Markus Haumaier, Department Manager Electronics & Software
Chassis and Drive

»I really liked the customer-oriented communication training. For one thing, it was structured in a very real-world way. That kept things varied, making it very easy to learn. For another, it was a very relaxed and trusting atmosphere, where you got many valuable personal tips. I for one took away numerous suggestions and ideas.«

Alexander Höinghaus, Vehicle Safety Test Engineer
P+Z Engineering

»Ms Olivotti gave me many valuable suggestions around strategy and marketing orientation as I was building my second company, Wille & Wege. It was very helpful to have her assistance, in the early phase in particular. It is also a personal enrichment to work with her. A great experience!«

Jürgen Wille, CEO
Wille & Wege GmbH

»In the past seven years I have seen Adriana do a variety of sales and support seminars. In contrast to most such programmes, Adriana’s seminars get right to the heart of the issues and offer solutions tailored to attendees’ needs, regardless of group size. Her success is based on thorough yet fast preparation and unbelievably broad experience. Her feedbacks are personal and beneficial. She has a very good feel for people and individual characters. It’s quite simply fun to work with Adriana!«

Dr Anna Münch, Director of Central Europe Business
NanoTemper Technologies GmbH