Individually arranged.
Experience- & multimedia-based.

Positioning (products, teams, individuals), professional communication and sales are the central topics of our workshops and trainings. We provide you with the tools to position your products better in the market and align your teams in a more efficient and targeted way. Your benefit: Trainers, consultants and moderators who know day-to-day business through first-hand experience and from helping many clients. Through benchmarking they can achieve the best for you. We rely on a balanced mix of methods and experience-based learning.

Shaping market launches

Launching an innovation, new technology or new product? How will you do it? Who exactly is the target group? How will you differentiate it from the competition? How will you condense the customer benefit down to a compelling message?

We support market launches and product positioning, worldwide.

Repositioning teams

Your team has been rearranged. Restructuring and change processes are in full swing at the company. Who does what, why, and how is it communicated?

We help you to re-position your team – for more success, and more fun.

More efficiency in teams

The objective is clear, but the priorities are wrong. Meetings are dull and uninspired. You know there must be a way to change that. But how?

We bring more efficiency into your team, for more output and dynamics.

More success in sales

The product is great, but customers are not convinced. Your sales team is technically excellent, but not trained in sales. Our training courses help boost performance.

We train your national and international sales team, with a product focus.

Performing with confidence

Sound familiar? You’re listening to a speaker and think, “I wish I could do that – sound so calm, so confident and so convincing.” No problem!

We improve your performance by shaping messages and appearance.

Storytelling at its best

Speeches, presentations and film scripts need to tell a good story. The core messages must be clear, and the whole content must be convincing.

We work on your core messages for more success in the presentation.