More success in sales

More focus. More professionalism.
Boost your order income.

From cold calls to price negotiations, from the first lead to filling the sales funnel – if you want to be successful in sales, you need to have strong communication skills, know your customers and respond to them correctly. Sales need to be driven outside-in instead of inside-out. We train your team on your products and ensure benefit-oriented communication.

Contents of the training:

  • An excursus into neuromarketing: Why do customers buy?
  • What makes a good salesperson?
  • Knowing the customer: Clear focus on target group.
  • Cold calls and ad-hoc discussion: Overcoming hurdles, achieving successes.
  • Guiding conversations: The one who asks, leads.
  • Stay at eye level: Meeting difficult customers.
  • Baseline & body language: What the body says – and what it doesn’t!
  • Who am I? Self-perception versus others’ perceptions.
  • Professional price negotiations.
  • Closing deals quickly and successfully.

You can book the entire package, or just parts of it.

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