Performing with confidence

Your individual performance:
Authentic. Confident. Impressive.

Society is becoming more media-based, and good presentations are increasingly vital. Whether on the radio, on television or in front of your own staff, the message, story and performance must be perfect – delivered with great inner serenity. You have to stay in the driver’s seat and steer the conversation. The aim of our training is to simulate real-life situations, either off the record or in front of the camera, to further professionalize your performance.

Training content:

  • Defining messages and storyline
  • Being aware of your performance
  • Knowing and improving body language
  • Game rules of a good conversation
  • Guiding the conversation
  • Handling critical questions
  • Tips & tricks to gain time
  • Improving reasoning
  • Gaining self-confidence in performance

You can book the entire package, or just parts of it.

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